Gift in Memory or Celebration
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Gifts in memory or celebration

Gifts in memory

Give a gift in memory of a loved one in thanks and appreciation of their care.

Donate on a significant day each year, or make a one-off donation in acknowledgement of the care given by Western Health staff.

Provide an opportunity for friends and family to make a gift in honour and remembrance at funerals or memorial services.

Talk to us about ways that we can acknowledge your gift and create a lasting legacy in memory.

Gifts in celebration

Celebrating a birthday, wedding or other special day? Feel like you already have everything you need? Consider asking your friends and family to donate to Western Health instead of giving you a gift.

It’s an amazing way to say thank you to our Frontline workers and to acknowledge some of the most important members of our community. Ask us about setting up a specific webpage or request donation envelopes.

Contact Western Health Foundation on 03 8345 7660 or email for more information.

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Funeral donations

If you're arranging a funeral or memorial service, you may want to encourage friends and relatives to make a gift to Western Health instead of giving flowers.

Contact the Western Health Foundation on 03 8345 7660 to discuss your plans and to request specially created donation envelopes.