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Online software supporting clinicians and saving time

Thursday 2 December 2021

Funding from Western Health Foundation has purchased a new information service called UpToDate to assist clinicians to access the most recent medical resources. UpToDate provides access to tens of thousands of articles covering the latest clinical topics and evidenced based recommendations to support clinicians overseeing their patients’ treatment plans.

The information system has been an important tool for medical teams with COVID cases increasing the pressure on healthcare systems around the world. Western Health library service has recorded record increases in demand for its online resources. To keep pace with the rapid rate of changing information, since its implementation, UpToDate has been accessed 125,215 times.

Library Manager Ilana has welcomed the new online service and its benefits to supporting best care for patients at Western Health.

“Using UpToDate helps support Western Health’s objective to deliver a consistent patient experience and provide the best care to patients,” said Ilana.

“Our clinicians can access the service wherever they are, online at work or home with multiple devices such as phone, laptop and tablet making it convenient to get the latest resources and information.

Since the introduction of UpToDate, Western Health clinicians accessed this online resource 125,215 times.

“We’ve received lots of positive feedback about the software from clinicians. The time saving benefits are huge. On average clinical questions are answered in 67 seconds making it an effective and efficient way to access information and make decisions quickly.”