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Trial Fernwood for 30 days for just $30

Monday 30 October 2023

We’re excited to be partnering with Fernwood to raise funds for 14 new wireless cardiotocography (CTG) machines at Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s (JKWC) at Sunshine Hospital!

Trial Fernwood for 30 days for just $30 and all proceeds will help Western Health Foundation purchase these machines.

The Offer:

1. Sign up to trial Fernwood for 30 days for just $30. All proceeds will be donated to Western Health Foundation.

2. Register as a Fernwood member after your trial, and an additional $100 will be donated to Western Health Foundation. Western Health staff members can enjoy an ongoing 15% discount on their membership fees.

All terms and conditions are available on Fernwood's website.

What are CTG machines and why are they important?

Wireless CTGs allows close fetal monitoring during labour and delivery and provides the mother with more freedom of movement, safer births, less medicalised processes, less need for pain relief, fewer emergency Cesarean sections and reduced stress on mothers and babies. These machines are especially important at JKWC as it's the second busiest hospital for births in Australia, with almost 7,000 deliveries each year!

Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are common, and high-risk pregnancies present to JKWC every day. The staff at JKWC are always busy, and there is usually a need for close monitoring to detect and prevent any potential adverse outcomes in labour. Almost all of the women who present at JKWC require fetal monitoring (90%) using a CTG machine that monitors the baby’s heartbeat, movement and the mother’s contractions. This monitoring happens during labour, but is also essential during monitoring of high-risk pregnancies or when unexpected issues arise. CTG monitoring is essential and pivotal in the fast-paced MAC environment, as the data provides critical information in real time. This allows us to assess overall fetal wellbeing and, when necessary, make decisions quickly for the health of mother and baby.

At JKWC, 19 of our existing 35 CTG machines are “wired”. This restricts the mother’s movement during labour and limits the ways she can position herself to get as comfortable as possible. A wired CTG means mothers are connected to a machine during labour, meaning she is confined to a bed.

Research shows that mothers who have free movement during childbirth have higher positive birth outcomes and an increased positive labour experience.


How to register:

1. To purchase your 30 day Fernwood trial for $30, click the link below
2. Select your local Fernwood club and purchase the $30 for 30 Days pass online
3. The friendly Fernwood team will be in touch to help you activate the pass and experience the Fernwood feeling for yourself!