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Thursday 29 July 2021

Donations are supporting the integration of innovative new technology to diagnose and treat heart disease.

The Western Health Foundation has committed to supporting phase two of the Western Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project, with the purchase of 30 wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) machines to provide accurate and timely diagnosis of heart disease.

The Western Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project, a major deliverable of the Western Health Digital Strategy, provides accurate and real-time information about a patient at their point of care. Replacing a physical paper record, clinical notes, test results, diagnoses and treatments are recorded directly to a patient's digital record, making them easily accessible by all involved in a patient's care. Whereas in the past, clinicians would spend a significant amount of time gathering all these disparate pieces of information, they can now be readily accessed through one central system.

An ECG is a standard medical test that detects cardiac abnormalities. By seamlessly integrating the ECG machine to the EMR system, raw data can be directly stored in a patient's digital medical record, saving time, and providing clinicians with an immediate picture of a patient's condition on screen. They are also wireless, removing the tangle of wires around each patient and making care much easier.

It's another way that your donations to the Western Health Foundation are helping to transform the delivery of healthcare in Melbourne's west. Thank you!