Western Health Cardiotocography (CTG) Appeal


Help us secure 14 wireless CTG machines to enable better birth experiences for mothers and babies.

Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s (JKWC) at Sunshine Hospital is the second busiest hospital for births in Victoria. Dedicated staff deliver almost 7,000 babies a year, which is an average of almost 20 babies each day.

Western Health's team of skilled midwives and obstetricians work tirelessly to make each and every birth as safe and special as possible. Western Health is proud to be able to support mothers and their loved ones while they welcome the newest additions to their families.

Cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring is essential during most births, as the measurements provide critical information in real time. This allows assessment of overall fetal wellbeing and enables clinicians to make quick decisions to ensure the health of mother and baby.

Our aim is to provide the very best care in the west. We can do this through the purchase of 14 new state-of-the-art wireless CTG machines. We can do this with your support.


Currently at JKWC, 19 of our existing 35 CTG machines are “wired”. This restricts the mother’s movement during labour and limits the ways she can get as comfortable as possible. A wired CTG means mothers are connected to a machine during labour, meaning she is confined to a bed, and movement is limited.

Research shows that mothers who have free movement during childbirth have higher positive birth outcomes and an increased positive labour experience.


Wireless CTG machines enable greater mobility and autonomy for mothers during labour. Free movement in birthing is also associated with:

- Less need for pain relief
- Reduced fetal stress
- Fewer emergency caesarean sections
- More flexible birthing options
- higher satisfaction in labour
- Reduced length of labour


Many can attest to the necessity of CTG monitoring and the real-time information and the comfort the machines provide. Amanda, a mum who delivered both of her babies safely at JKWCsays:

“CTG monitoring of my baby’s heartbeat was of vital importance to me. It gave me peace of mind that he {baby} was healthy and coping well during the labour process.”

Andrew Ferraris, a Western Health midwife, is adamant that CTG machines are ‘life-saving’. He witnesses the benefits of the machines in the JKWC Birthing Suite every day, as the vast majority of these women delivering there require CTG monitoring. Andrew states that:

“There have been countless situations where the pattern of the baby’s heart rate as shown on CTG has guided our decision to birth urgently, thereby avoiding more serious outcomes for either mum or baby.”

With a goal of 14 wireless CTG machines, and each CTG costing $25,000, we are relying on generous support to help us provide the very best outcomes during the birthing process. We would love every mother, baby, and the care teams who look after them to know that wireless CTG machines are available and ready for use. Please consider making a gift to help our mothers and babies today.


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