Hospital in the Home

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By making a donation to the Hospital in the Home appeal you will help keep those you love out of hospital, especially during the holiday season.

Melton mum Caroline recently had major stomach surgery and was confined to bed for five weeks.

Finally, after completing her treatment she was able to go home. But only because Western Health’s Hospital in the Home service had a special Activac wound pump available to treat her slow-healing wound.

Your support can make a difference

Right now, your Hospital in the Home service urgently needs 10 more of these wound pumps and two portable ECG machines to assess heart function for locals like you who otherwise may have to be in hospital.

Hospital in the Home provides in-home care for people across the west from Footscray and Williamstown to Sunshine and Sunbury, right out to Werribee and Melton. It’s a free service, and any patient who has a suitable condition is eligible.

Every day specialist nurses visit up to 60 patients – some of them twice a day – while at the same time monitoring another 100+ COVID-19 patients being cared for at home. This number of patients is more than three times what it was before COVID.

This is a vital community service and the difference for many people between being in hospital for extended periods or at home with their families.

Thanks to Hospital in the Home and the Ativac wound pump Caroline is recovering at home.

The wound pump is portable, so the user wears it. It pumps debris and waste away from the wound day and night, and every couple of days nurses from Hospital in the Home visit to dress the wound and clean the machine.

The thing is, each one of these Activac machines costs $5,950. And the portable ECG machines cost $2,147 each.

But each one will see years of use and potentially hundreds of patients.

Please donate today and help us raise $63,794 to buy 10 new Activac pumps and 2 portable ECG machines.

The portable Activac pump means Caroline can be safely treated at home

And they’re so lovely, every few minutes, they check to see they’re not hurting me. But they’re not. They’re very caring and it’s great. It’s wonderful to know that there are such lovely people out there taking care of people like me.